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School Shows & Assembly Programs

Specializing in bringing YOUR campus or organization FUN & EFFECTIVE 
Educational and Motivational School & Library Programs!

Check out what you get with EVERY program package:



Filled with magic, illusion, and goofy comedy!


Sound System

Each show is powered by perfectly timed music and sound effects!

Experienced Speaker/Entertainer

John O'Bryant has over 15 years of speaking and performing experience.

Visually Fun

Props & Show

Eye-popping & visually fun set-ups that will make you say, "WOW!"

Audience Participation

Tons of opportunities for students to participate in the magic show!

Education & Motivation

Fun Programs.

 KEY Topics!

Motivational Magic Show

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it."
-William Arthur Ward

Get MOTIVATED! Everyday we strive to to keep our students excited about school! As the constant distractions from the "technology world" keep spilling in, we are faced with the challenge of getting children to drop the video games and get motivated about their education and goals!

"The Motivational Magic Show" is a one-of-a-kind/all-in-one program that will emphasize the importance of paying attention, getting good grades, making healthy choices, goal setting, not giving up, patience, and staying in school!


Friends NOT Foes Magic Show

Anti-Bully Magic Program

Prepare your campus for a HIGH energy program that will entertainingly and EFFECTIVELY show your students how to handle those every day small problems and create a more friendly atmosphere!

The less interruptions we have in the classroom, the more time the teachers will have to concentrate on educating the students! Teaching our students how to prevent and handle problems is a VERY important topic that should be covered as soon as possible! That is where "The Friends NOT Foes Magic Show" comes in!

Harlingen CISD.jpg

SCIENCE Vs. Magic!

The perfect "mixture" of magic and science!

This STEM based assembly program magically explores how science and technology is all around us, including some of the tricks John does!

Students will entertainingly learn more about:

  • Newton's Law

  • Bernoulli's Principle

  • Physical Change vs. Chemical Change

  • Gravity

  • Balance

  • Physics

  • and more surprises!


This show will challenge your students to think, create, and motivate them to read and find out more about the science and technology all around us!


The Say "NO" Magic Show

Healthy Choices Magic Program
Now Booking - Red Ribbon Week 2023

John's upbeat and positive program magically and entertainingly directs students down the right path and teaches them how and why it is important to make healthy AND good choices. 


"The SAY NO Magic Show" is a one of a kind program that gives you the opportunity of promoting this IMPORTANT message in a FUN and EDUCATING way!

This program is available year-round but is most popular during Red Ribbon Week!


The Reading Magic Show

Discover the Magic in Reading

Encourage students to read and help them realize that whatever they want to learn can be found in a book all while using magic, illusion, music, storytelling, goofy props, audience participation, and giveaways! It's the PERFECT blend of magic & message! “The Reading Magic Show” gives you the opportunity to promote the importance of reading in an ENTERTAINING & EDUCATING way!


Opening a book is like opening a door to a world of opportunities! Everyday we strive to get our children to read and we strive even harder for them to enjoy it! NOW is the time to show everyone the MAGIC IN READING and to get them excited about coming out to YOUR library! Watch as many books "vanish" from the bookshelves after the show!


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Shooting for STAARs

Get your students pumped 
for the state mandated test!

John O'Bryant, creator of the "Tricks for TAKS" program and other motivational and educational school programs, is debuting his ALL NEW program called, "Shooting for STAARs".

  • Motivation

John produced a perfect blend of comedy, music, magic, and illusion that will uplift YOUR students and have them walking into the classroom with a positive attitude towards test taking!

  • Relaxation

John will share some relaxation techniques that the students can use for any test they will ever have to take and how relaxation can also help increase the chances of a positive outcome!

  • Test Taking "TRICKS"

John will share "TRICKS" and test taking techniques that will make the students super confident about every test question!

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Excellent Programs. Experienced Performer. Peace of Mind!
With over 15 years of speaking and performing experience, John O'Bryant is your #1 choice for school assembly programs, educational and motivational magic shows and library shows and programs in and near San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Waco, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, McAllen, RGV area, and more! John provides Red Ribbon Week Programs, Anti-Bully Programs, STAAR Test Prep Programs, Science Assembly Programs, School Assembly Programs and Library Summer Reading Programs across Texas and more!

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