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An EASY way to offset the cost of one of John O'Bryant's school assembly programs!


We provide your students the opportunity to purchase program related, educational magic merchandise while your campus or organization makes 20% of those sales.

Many campuses have paid for their entire program using the Donation Program!

How it works:

  • No upfront cost to your campus.

  • No minimum order required.

  • John will briefly present items during or after his program at your campus.

  • We provide your campus with order forms to distribute to the students.

  • Students will have one week to place their orders.

  • We will then package and ship all orders to you campus for easy distribution to the students.

  • We donate 20% of the sales to your campus or organization.


For evening programs:

We will set up our "Mobile Magic Shop" after the show with the option to hand out order forms for post program sales (mentioned above). 

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