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Summer Reading 2024

John O'Bryant is one of the BEST performers for Summer Reading Programs in Texas... He is also one of the busiest! Performing at 75+ libraries each summer, John is a continuous CROWD FAVORITE which has allowed him to sky-rocket attendances and become a regular at many library summer reading programs. John is THE MAGICIAN the kids, parents, and librarians demand to see again and again! This type of reaction only comes with an UNIQUE program that is presented by a FUN, HIGH ENERGY, and EXPERIENCED library performer like John!

Check out what you get with EVERY program package:



Filled with magic, illusion, and goofy comedy!


Sound System

Each show is powered by perfectly timed music and sound effects!

Experienced Speaker/Entertainer

John O'Bryant has over 15 years of speaking and performing experience.

Visually Fun

Props & Show

Eye-popping & visually fun set-ups that will make you say, "WOW!"

Audience Participation

Tons of opportunities for students to participate in the magic show!

Education & Motivation

Fun Programs.

 KEY Topics!

Available Library Programs:

The Reading Magic Show | The Magic Safe

The Reading Magic Show!

Now Booking! 
Summer Reading 2024

Pack your library with eager readers! Encourage students to read and help them realize that whatever they want to learn can be found in a book all while using magic, illusion, music, storytelling, goofy props, and audience participation! It's the PERFECT blend of magic & message! “The Reading Magic Show” gives you the opportunity to promote the importance of reading in an ENTERTAINING & EDUCATING way!

Books will "vanish" from the shelves after the show!


Many libraries and organizations book and re-book! John offers NEW MAGIC every year so the magic goes hand-in-hand with the summer reading theme! This continuously gives your library the opportunity to see something FRESH, NEW, and FUN from the magician you know and trust!

2024 Summer Reading Theme:

Adventure Begins at Your Library

The Reading Magic Show makes a great "combination" with "The Magic Safe" program. You can SAVE by scheduling both at your library!


The Magic Safe (Learn Magic Workshop)

Access the secrets to some of the most popular tricks in magic tricks using items you can find around your house!

There is a LOT more than just learning how a trick is done! In this highly entertaining AND interactive workshop, John will teach you that practice makes perfect! He will show them that a lot of these tricks can be found in books that you can find in the library! He will teach everyone how to properly practice, present, and perform!

Magic requires practice and practice requires personable responsibility. Once a child masters a magic trick they will feel accomplised. It will build their self esteem and they gain confidence! Magic will also improve motor skills. 

The Magic Safe makes a great "combination" with "The Reading Magic Show". You can SAVE by scheduling both at your library!

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Through out the summer John shares his exciting programs at libraries in and around San Antonio, Austin, Waco, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Corpus Christi, McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley and more!

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